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June 25, 2019

APICS-RRIV Board Member Information


Current Board Member Contact Information

M. Shannon Dahlvang, CPIM, CSCP-- Chapter President

Supply Management Specialist, John Deere Electronic Solutions

Phone: (701) 451-3631

E-mail: dahlvangmaryshann@johndeere.com


Michaela Nyland, CPIM, CSCP-- Past President

Manager, Production Control and Order Fulfillment, John Deere Electronic Solutions

Phone: (701) 277-6173

E-Mail: NylandMichaelaH@johndeere.com


Scott Braun-- VP Finance

Operational Excellence Engineer, Cardinal IG

Phone: (701) 492-0920

E-mail: sbraun@cardinalcorp.com

Andrew Puckett-- VP Education

Operations & Project Specialist, Border States Electric

Phone: (701) 297-3857

E-mail: apuckett@borderstates.com


Nelson Christoferson-- VP Membership

Purchasing Manager, Norwood Sales, Inc.

Phone: (701) 369-5071

E-mail: nchristoferson@norwoodsales.com


Arne Breikjern-- Marketing & Web Administrator

Chief Bottlewasher at ESD (Enviro Systems & Design)

E-mail: arne@arnebee.net


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