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If you are interested in attending any APICS education or certification classes, please contact Scott Braun, APICS-RRIV VP of Membership for direction and instructions. Phone (701) 492-0920 or email sbraun@cardinalcorp.com

Whether you are taking your first APICS CPIM exam or your last, APICS offers a variety of ways to prepare for your APICS CPIM exams. Preparation will help:

     •  Give you insights into the concepts and knowledge required of an APICS CPIM designee;

     • Combine and tailor your learning options according to your individual learning style;

     • Increase your overall exam performance.


APICS CPIM exam preparation options


Leverage the following preparation options to maximize your exam results and expedite the certification process.


New APICS CPIM Exam Simulator


To empower candidates to test with confidence, APICS developed a new product that simulates the CPIM exam experience.


The exam simulator is designed to prepare and familiarize candidates with the web-based exams for each of the five CPIM modules. With over 300 practice questions per module, the questions are aligned with the current CPIM Exam Content Manual.


Learn More at this link.


Independent study for the APICS CPIM exam


APICS CPIM self-study offers a variety of self-study resources to help you prepare. APICS recommends that you first review the APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual (ECM) that provides an overview of the curriculum with test specifications, test-taking advice, and practice questions and answers. Use the list below to choose the best combination of study methods.


Preview the APICS CPIM ECM.


APICS CPIM primary references are the sources for all APICS CPIM courses, preparation materials, and exams. Access these materials to ensure you understand APICS CPIM exam concepts.


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